About Darcy:

Serious Side:

Darcy is a wife, homeschooling mother, poet, artist and children’s book author. She has a mixed background in the arts, including schooling in creative writing, poetry, painting, drawing and photography. Having jumped around in many art forms, she feels entirely at home with paper and collage. She enjoys writing quirky stories that evoke wonder and imagination. Her books are entwined with humour and make-believe, driven by themes of family and resilience.

Darcy lives with her husband and four children in Canada on the Saskatchewan prairies, where the wind blows wildly, the crops sway gently, and the crickets chirp peacefully. They share their acreage with thirteen cows, two horses, six pigs, two dogs and eight barn cats.

Silly Side:

Darcy thrives in chaos, and you won’t catch her running for the door when you spill a bottle of paint on the floor.  Even when the dog tracks it down the hallway. Or when you turn on the mixer too quickly and douse us with a face full of flour. She might pretend to be a ghost. Is it Halloween yet? Have you ever overflowed the bathtub with bubbles? Darcy will want to know if you need a scuba diving mask? Pssst, all of the above has happened at Darcy’s home. Her children, Braxton, Korven, Ronin, and Derk, are constantly creating and adventuring. They are little whirlwinds of chaos! But if there are smiles on their faces, you can bet there is one on Darcy’s too. 

Ten questions, anyone?

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Keep a notebook! Just a plain old spiral notebook. Write everything down! You think you will remember great ideas, thoughts, inspiration, character sketches, but most times, you forget. And sometimes, you don’t realize you had a great story idea until you read your notes later. 

I would freeze time, so I never rush and could always enjoy each moment. But just between you and I, I think I have a superpower? Picture this. I’m listening to Duck Tales play on the T.V blaring out on top-notch, laughing at all the funny parts while stirring the spaghetti sauce, simultaneously pulling one small boy off another small boy. At the same time, I dodge a nerf gun bullet and have my wrist sized for a new handmaid bracelet my daughter made. Meanwhile, I am burning…I mean toasting the garlic bread, yelling, “Did you finish your handwriting?”  And “Ooh yes, that looks so nice!” in the same sentence. So, is doing all that at the same time a superpower? You decide. 

I want my writing to be considered lyrical, elegant, inspiring, moving, and funny. But I will tell you a secret; I’m the least funny person living in my house. I have my family to thank for constantly reminding me to infuse a little bit of humour into my writing. 

This one is easy, as it’s always the same. 1. Tea! My favourite is David’s Tea. 2. My spiral notebook. 3. My favourite pens, Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens in every colour. 4. The story that I am currently working on, printed off and full of scribbles, and edits from the day before. 5. Thesaurus, on my phone, I love looking up words. You shouldn’t be a writer if you don’t love words. I love the book The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus.

Cake parade! My children and I love watching baking shows, and I would love to see edible floats sculpted out of cake! New series? Anyone? Don’t you know a cupcake is a muffin that believed in miracles. 

Winter, winter, winter! I love the snow, the slower pace this season brings, and the cold makes me feel so cozy and content inside my warm home, plus hot tea tastes even better on a cold day. 

I would be a magic crayon. As you draw a line, it would change through all the colours of the sunset. Any ideas on how to make that work?

The rosary. I pray it daily and truly believe it is the key to my creativity. So much grace is poured out to us through the rosary. We all need grace, and I want to grab up as much of it as possible. 

Anytime, anywhere! One of the greatest lessons I learned while studying the life of the great composer Bach. Did you know he had twenty kids? He was a college professor, a husband, a father, a Christian who played music at church. All this, and he still found time to compose masterpieces that speak to us today, hundreds of years later. He believed that you didn’t need the perfect writing space or the perfect anything to write and often took in tidbits of time throughout his day. That stuck with me always. 

Definitely! Anything to remind me, not to take myself or life too seriously.