What is your favourite time to write, and why?

Anytime, anywhere! One of the greatest lessons I learned while studying the life of the great composer Bach. Did you know he had twenty kids? He was a college professor, a husband, a father, a Christian who played music at church. All this, and he still found time to compose masterpieces that speak to us… Read more »

What is your secret weapon?

The rosary. I pray it daily and truly believe it is the key to my creativity. So much grace is poured out to us through the rosary. We all need grace, and I want to grab up as much of it as possible. 

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I would freeze time, so I never rush and could always enjoy each moment. But just between you and I, I think I have a superpower? Picture this. I’m listening to Duck Tales play on the T.V blaring out on top-notch, laughing at all the funny parts while stirring the spaghetti sauce, simultaneously pulling one… Read more »